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Spider-Gwen Microbobble Figure

  • Brand: Funko
  • Product Code: SpiderGwenMicrobobble
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $6.00

Inspired by the classic Secret Wars Toys you know and love from yester year, this shrunk down bobble headed hero is an awesome addition to the ongoing collection of collectible Micro Bobble heads! Each PVC bobble head stands a towering 2.5” small and features zero articulation! A miniature Marvel miracle, this comic con collectible packs THREE exclusive Deadpool bobble Heads into one tiny boxed set! You get both X-Force and Weapon-X costumes plus a THIRD mystery figure! Will it be the “Days of Future Past” Yellow costume or the Gamma-Glowin-Green Merc with a Mouth that is hiding inside? Nobody knows! Gentle Giant’s compact collectible Micro Bobbles are available for individual purchase at select Walgreens and Barnes & Noble stores. Or, to guarantee that these nostalgic Micro Bobbles get added to your collection, pre-order at

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